5 Inspiring Action Verbs That Can Change Your Life

by May Li
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There is a Chinese saying that goes “Got heart, but lack strength”. Basically it means, we have every intention to do something, but lack the strength to spur us on, that we lack the action. Or sometimes, we just simply lack the motivation to move ahead. 

By definition, a verb is an action word. Hence, by using the correct verbs on ourselves, we have a chance to change our life.

Some self help gurus may tell us that if only we can cultivate a good attitude, everything will improve. But you and I both know, it is not always so easy. It is hard to set ambitious goals and get all inspired and motivated to achieve them when our mindset is not in the right place. 

If our mind is not ready to embrace more exciting goals, then change will seem far fetched. In actual fact, if we are not ready for it, even the small challenges will be difficult to overcome. And if we cannot conquer small challenges, it is going to be impossible to change our life to the degree we would ultimately like.

So here, I would like to share how we can use an action to inspire ourselves and to create changes. What we aim to do is to place the cart before the horse and forcing our attitude to match our actions. The idea is that is we can shake things up by taking action first, and thus get our mind ready to create and pursue more exciting goals. 

Below are 5 inspiring action verbs that we can use to shake things up and get ourselves mentally ready to take on some new challenges.

  1. Give – The art of giving is essentially an expression of gratitude. We are expressing how thankful we are with what we are blessed with, and it helps to reinforce the idea that there is plenty to go around. By giving, we will be blessed with more good things in our life. Find a good cause that resonates with you and start giving. Sometimes, even giving someone a call is good enough especially during these trying times.
  2. Learn – Learn a new thing a day. If you choose to learn a language, start by learning a new phrase everyday. If you are learning a new dance, watch how the professionals do it and learn one step at a time. If you have always thought yourself to be a baker, learn a new recipe a day, or a new baking technique that would greatly add to your satisfaction levels. By learning something new, it helps develop our nervous system and makes us think in ways we have never thought before.
  3. Change – They say the only constant in life is change. Hence, we must make the effort to make small changes to our lives in order for a big change to happen. Change our routine, take a different route to work, change our fashion sense, our hairstyle, or our diet. Sometimes, I take a different jogging route, just so I can view the world differently. Change begets change. If we want a big change, we start by making a small change, one step at a time.
  4. Participate – Participation invites interaction. It requires creativity, it requires skills. /by participating, we stimulate and inspire others to be part of a community too. There are may ways to participate in the day and age, both online as well as in the physical world. Find a community interest, a sporting event, join a club, join a group!
  5. Create – They say “the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”. Create a piece of art, write a short story, make a bookshelf, or start a website. When we create, it stimulates all those dormant forces that allow change to enter into our lives. 

Each time you perform one of these inspiring actions, let’s take several minutes to feel good about it. Remember, we want our attitude to catch up to our actions. We must always enjoy the process of change, knowing that what we are doing is good for us and those around us as well.

Sometimes, just by reviewing these action verbs will be inspiration enough to get us thinking of what we could do to change our lives. I hope you enjoy using these inspiring action verbs to change your mental state and improve your life. I’m sure that by now you can think of some on your own. Do share your thoughts. 

Remember, though, nothing happens without taking action!

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