Welcome to 2H 2021!

by May Li
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Welcome to the 2H of 2021! 

At the time of writing, we are in the on going phase of FMCO (Full Movement Control Order). Technically, the country has been in some form of MCO since 18 March 2020. Our lives are forever changed as we adapt to a new lifestyle to combat this pandemic. 

There have been many sad stories and heart breaking videos of people struggling with livelihood, people battling this virus, cases of domestic violence etc. It is indeed a heart wrenching situation. 

Knowing this, do we still have room to be grateful and to be happy with what we have today? Do we have the capability to be positive and upbeat about what life still has to offer? 

I choose to believe so. 

As we enter into the 2H of 2021, I reflect on the past 6 months and feel that we have much to be grateful for. For one, family bonding has been great. Although we also get into each other’s hair more, we often learn from each tussle we have and move forward with greater respect. 

I am also grateful that I have a chance to be “stuck” at home with my kids 24/7. Really watching them grow and bloom, and listening to their voice of demands and needs, and appreciating all their defiance and views. It has not been easy for me to let go of what I know and accept that my children are not me and will not be like me. 

We say a prayer of gratitude at each meal times, more to cultivate the habit of being grateful, but also to remember all those who have worked hard to put food on our table. The farmers, the manufacturers, the transporters, the grocers, the workers and even the government who taxes us … they all had a hand in bringing the food to our table. 

And whenever I reflect on these things, it feels like I play a very small part in the greatness of the world. But to my kids, I am their world (hopefully!), and that changes the way I view things. 

And so, as we move into the 2H of 2021, Id like to invite you to reflect on what you have accomplished, what you are grateful for and where you feel you need to work on … and start the journey to view the world differently and believe that tomorrow will be a better day.

For tomorrow, the sun will rise and we will have another chance to live it right. 

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